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Can I link directly to an app or apps on Where can I get the link to a specific app?


As you use the URL will reflect your current view, so you can nearly always simply grab the URL and publish that link on your blog or social network site or email to a friend. This works for searches and author pages as well.

You can also get the link to a specific app by viewing the app details, clicking the heart icon, selecting Get Link.

I am a developer. How can I submit my app for review and/or get it promoted via

We are app developers ourselves, and one of the primary motivations for creating was to help other developers find their audience. We have plans to role out developer services in the future, including expert reviews and promotional offerings. We will be offering many of these for free - at least in the initial stages.

So the best way to promote your apps here, is to first and indicate that you are a developer and specify your developer name. Then, shoot us an email telling us an app you would like us to promote. We will check it out and if it looks like something we think our readers would benefit from, we will include it in our Daily Dose newsletter and our Watch List on the right side.

Be sure to include a promo code if your app is a "paid app". Include multiple promo codes (or tell us to ask you for them) if you would like to offer free versions to our readers as a promotion.

Are there any hotkeys that would help me navigate this service?

Glad you asked! Here are some "hotkeys" that make navigating this service faster. (only applicable to the main search page, and not applicable to keyboard-less devices, of course)

CTRL-S, ⌘-SGive focus to the search input field. Use this to quickly search for a new term, or to edit an existing search term.
← (left arrow), → (right arrow)When viewing app details, this moves to the next or previous app in the search results.
CTRL-F, ⌘-FDisplays the filter control, allowing search results to be filtered by app price, app rating, keywords, etc.
SHIFTWhen hovering over an app and viewing the info-box, this triggers the screenshot view
ESCCloses the app detail box, or any other open dialog boxes.
How can I contact someone at

Please feel free to send us questions, comments or ideas to