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Developer : ThirtyFive Inc.
Price: 1.99
Version: 1.1.0
Release Date: 2014-08-27T23:16:35Z
Content Advisory Rating: 4+
Don’t be fixed in typical way to take photos! Don’t hesitate in what you take! You know what? We have "SKEW" Being distort can be correct, Being tilt can be fit, Being short can be long, Being adorable can be seperated in your photos. This app is composed of what becomes the most adorable photo. Music: Menehune_Dance by James_Pants Photo: Flickr by @Lunacchi / @wikier / @rtadlock / @Juanedc
Release Notes:
- Support iPhone6, 6+ - Support iOS8 - Support iOS8 Photo Editing Extension - Perfect wide & fishieye Lens Correction - Miniview-mode for easy perspective correction - Fast save performance - No damage - Exif, Pixel, Resolution