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Where Do Swans Sleep? picture story book app for kids

Price: 1.99
Version: 1.8.2
Release Date: 2013-11-08T17:02:58Z
Content Advisory Rating: 4+
Where the Wild White Swans Sleep - a children's picture book Swans are a majestic creature of the sky and pond, this we know. But what else do we really know about swans? How about where they sleep? That’s the question this app, a gorgeous story book, aims to answer. This fairy tale of a book will have you joining Felix as he journeys through a world filled with wonder and wildness. Your journey is in search of the answer to the question this app’s title poses, and you’ll encounter a number of interesting and wonderful things along the way. You’ll discover a world filled with swans and images that are dynamic and have a parallax effect to them. Enjoy some pleasing and soothing music as you move forward, and get involved with the story as it unfolds. There are some interactive elements to keep the young reader engaged, and the user can even design the very last page of the book with some fun tools. The illustrations are gorgeous, and the overall appeal of the app is found in the story of adventure and whimsicalness. Grab Where Do the Swans Sleep? and enjoy. ** #1 book Apps ** App of the Week - ** Kids will love this - ** gorgeous and engaging - ** The illustrations are lovely, and the perception of depth, brings life to each picture - Nine stunningly hand-drawn scenes show you the way. Every scene is scored with original music and features spoken narration. • WORLD of SWANS • Navigate with natural swiping. • PARRALAX IMAGES • Tilt to see the drawings come alive with a magical sense of depth. • ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC • Every page is scored with original music. • NARRATOR • Spoken narration + read-along text • EXPERIENCE • It rains inside the app when raindrops hit the real window and the real streets are wet. Clouds appear on your device when clouds shroud the sun.  • ENGAGE with the STORY •  You can design the last page of the book yourself and share it with your friends. Just use a pen and paper with the integrated photo-function, or the digital drawing-pad at the end of the book. Look at other people's drawings at our website and upload your artwork as well or share on Facebook :)
Release Notes:
Sound balancing & little bug fixes in our fairy tale storybook. Enjoy :D