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March 28, 2014

There are many sites that offer app reviews, list app price drops and announce limited time free app offers.  But any attempt to scan this information quickly leads to a frustrating experience.

These review sites rarely have any way to view an apps' screenshots, user reviews, or videos related to the app. It can take precious time and clicks only to find the app does not interest you in the least.

We now offer the best of both worlds with our Watch List. The Watch List resides on the right side of the main search screen at all times and is constantly auto-updated!

Watch ListIt includes reviews, price drops  and other news hand-picked by us (no flappy bird clone news here!) Hover your mouse over the app icon to see an app description, its price, categories, and even screenshots (Just like our search results!)

For more details,  you can click the app and get user reviews and videos and more - still without leaving the comfort of your current page. Close the details window and you will see that you haven't left!

For items discussing multiple apps or with source articles, click the title to navigate to that watch item. Much of the news and reviews comes from other sites we read and respect, such as AppAdvice, 148Apps and many more. To read the source article, click the source link shown after the title:

Source Article Image

Its all designed to keep our users informed and allow quick checks of Watch List announcements while minimizing any disruption of your task at hand!

We hope you find it useful!


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