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Introducing Our Truly Modern App Search

December 24, 2013

Welcome to the new AppSearch Blog!

In this blog we wish to have a conversation with our fans, our critics, app developers, and anyone else who is interested in great app discovery.

We think a great app discovery experience starts with giving users well designed tools for searching and exploring the more than one million apps available.

We don't think Apple's iTunes software meets that challenge. was born out of our own frustrations, both as mobile app users, and as mobile app authors. For both cases we feel the solution is the same:

an easy-to-use service that leads people quickly to the best apps for any given need.

We believe this is not something you can do purely with technology. People's needs vary too much to simply track the "best of breed" apps for each category. But technology surely plays a key role in helping narrow down the field quickly and easily, and giving users fast access to previews, demos, reviews and screens to make the final decision.

Currently, we are approaching this problem with the following:

  • Refining Apple's search results to better match your search terms (try it!)
  • Displaying as many apps on your screen as possible (by only showing the icons - hover for details and screenshots!)
  • Instant app details - click to view the details of an app - they are shown instantly (pre-downloaded to your computer)
  • Hold shift while hovering over icons to see screenshots (sometimes thats the most important factor in an app!)
  • "Scam" apps are filtered out of the results. These apps should not even be in the app store - but they are.
  • Video reviews and demos - this is often even better than seeing screenshots!
  • Filters to only show a particular category, price range, or star rating; to only show universal apps; or to filter by app name or author.

We have many more ideas that we are implementing now - and we welcome ideas from all of you! We are 100% dedicated to the app search experience alone (unlike Apple), so you can look forward to constant improvement.

We look forward to this conversation.  Thanks in advance for joining in!

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